Knighfall Garrison Command Team 2019-2020

News from the Knightfall Garrison.

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Knighfall Garrison Command Team 2019-2020

Post by Marcus » Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:32 pm

The Command Team for the Term of Office 2019 to 2020
Knightfall Garrison Year 3

Current Staff:

Garrison Commanding Officer (GCO) – Mark Marcus (TK-3977) - Marcus
Garrison Executive Officer (GXO) – Kris Hase (TK-29175) - Haso
Garrison Membership Liaison (GML) – Duncan Hughes (TK-8503) – Duncs
Garrison Web Liaison (GWL) - Duncan Hughes (TK-8503) – Duncs
Garrison Web Liaison (GWL) - Steve Alder (SL-18969) - DarthStevius
Garrison Merchandise & Branding Officer (GMBO) - Jarrod Trigger (TK-3198) – Trigger Happy

Webmaster: Jack Polgar (TK-2389) – Nirix

Garrison Public Relations Officer (GPRO) – Steve Alder (SL-18969) - DarthStevius
Garrison Public Relations Officer (GPRO) - Sam Gilbert (TK-31892) - Extra_Small_Sam

Garrison Event Coordinator (GEC) – Tim Kilgour (TK-8973) – Warhammer6R
Garrison Event Coordinator (GEC) – Luke Stadler (TK-19819) – Trooper666
Garrison Event Coordinator (GEC) – Andy Vong (TI-27120) – Gascan

Mentor Group:
Kris Hase (TK-29175) - Haso
Shane Cole (TK-74263) - DarthColeJoy
Sam Gilbert (TK-31892) - Extra_Small_Sam
Phillip Blackman (TK-5686) - PhilsyB

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