Working With Children Check - Interim Policy Effective 1/1/18

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Working With Children Check - Interim Policy Effective 1/1/18

Post by Haso » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:39 pm

501st Legion, Knightfall Garrison, & Rebel Legion, Hoth Base, Interim WWCC policy statement:

Meaning of words within this policy:

WWCC = Working With Children Check. Usage of this term throughout this policy also encompasses any comparable authority, check or card issued by any relevant government authority, such as a comparable card issued to teachers (e.g. VIT).
Club(s) = Knightfall Garrison (501st Legion) and Hoth Base (Rebel Legion), jointly and severally
Client = an entity that has requested an event attendance from either Club
Children/Child/Minor = within the operation of the Clubs’ WWCC policy, these terms are interchangeable but mean any person under the age of 18 years old.
Members = Approved Members of 501st Legion and Rebel Legion
Support Crew = Non-approved Members of 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. This includes Recruits, Cadets and others who perform a Support role to the Clubs at official events. Non-costumed approved members of either Club may also be termed Support Crew if they fulfill that capacity at a Trooping event.

As part of the introduction of formal policy guidelines within both Knightfall Garrison and Hoth Base, this Interim Policy will serve as a ‘stop gap’ measure until a permanent policy guideline is adopted by the Clubs; the permanent policy is intended to be completed for adoption by July 2018.

Interim Policy:

1. The Interim Policy will take effect from 1st January 2018.
2. Until a permanent policy guideline is implemented by the Clubs, all Trooping events shall be deemed as requiring a WWCC unless the allocated Point Trooper can confirm and update the Troop Briefing, via a clear written notification within that briefing, that a WWCC is NOT required.
3. A WWCC will NOT be required in cases where the client has confirmed, and/or the Clubs can reasonably expect (as determined by the respective Club’s Command Team (CT) and based on available information), that no children will be present at a Trooping event.
4. Unless a Troop Briefing states otherwise, a WWCC will be required by all Members and Support Crew on the Briefing Roster.
5. The implementation of this will involve a permanent record of the respective Club members’ WWCC details to be kept and accessible by authorised members of the Club.
6. The provision of WWCC details by Members of the Club for recording on a permanently kept record is voluntary; however, if this permission is not granted, the Member will be required to provide their WWCC credentials when required for each Trooping event.
7. It is not intended that each Clubs’ records are accessible by any other club or entity outside of each respective Club, however those who are Members of several clubs shall need to have their WWCC details noted on each record as required. It would therefore be suggested that those Members make it known that they are Members of both Clubs so that their records can be forwarded to respective Clubs.
8. Immediately prior to each Troop, the roster of Members and Support Crew who have signed up to the Troop will be checked against provided WWCC records to verify that the Members and Support Crew are eligible to troop. If not, they will be removed from the roster but may be contacted directly in order to request their WWCC details.
9. This interim policy may be amended at anytime under the joint direction of the Clubs.
10. Events within this policy include non-trooping events such as Armour Parties, Beer ‘n’ Bucket events, or any event sanctioned by the Clubs’ Command Teams.
11. Non-Approved Members and others in a Support Crew capacity who are non-approved Members of either Club cannot use either Club’s credentials in applications for WWCC or comparable cards.
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