Zak and Nicks 8th Birthday Troop Report

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Zak and Nicks 8th Birthday Troop Report

Post by Gascan » Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:40 pm

Event: Zak & Nicks 8th Birthday party (Twins)
Location – Private

Date / Time – 26th of May 2019 / 2pm – 3pm

Weather: Just right

TK-27120 Gascan (Andy)
TB-33233 Thundercat (Daniel)
We got a last minute call from the Monash Childrens Hospital for a Private Birthday Party for special little boy. We missed out on seeing Zak at the Monash Childrens Hospital as he was getting treatment for his brain cancer, we did however get a photo with his twin brother Nick.
The request was to make an appearance at Zak and Nicks Birthday party which was brought forward as they were unsure whether he would make it much longer.
TK-27120 and TB-33233 made the journey to Zak & Nicks House while they were at a friend house. Zak’s mum confirmed he was having a good day so it was all good to go.
We got changed in one of the spare bedrooms and after a short while the guests started to arrive along with Zak & Nick, we could hear them talking about Stormtroopers and darth vader.
When we opened the door, it caught all of them by surprise including Zak as he knew that we were there for him. We gave them both lightsabers, and a Knightfall garrison patch & coin.
Zak’s kept saying ‘thank you for coming to my birthday party’ …Zak then showed us around his house and his love for dinosaurs, we watched as they build a candy bridge, played some musical games and with Zak looking a bit tired we made our way out and let the family enjoy the rest of the Party, as we left we could see Zak opening his presents and he was really happy. Glad we were able to share a special moment with a special little boy.

Casualties – None
Injuries - None
Happy People - Lots
Mission Status – Complete




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