Whittlesea Show - Sat 2nd November 2019

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Whittlesea Show - Sat 2nd November 2019

Post by trooper666 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:35 pm

EVENT: Whittlesea Show
DATE: Sat 2nd November
TIME: go live 10am - 2pm.
LOCATION: Whittlesea Showgrounds
WEATHER:Cold, and Very wet. this is a primarily outdoor event, so wet troopers was the operative word. was very glad to be in armour for this one...
EVENT TYPE:charity

ID10375 Timtheendorscout (Timoth)
TA19819 Trooper666 (Luke)
TI94911 Lockey (Lockey)
TI24689 Darkwar (Andre))

Troopers met at the nearby Servo for distribution of passes, then we all rolled in to the Show in force. Both Imperials AND rebels all parked together, and with an Audience of a few Farm animals (yes, go crazy people!!!) we proceeded to start one of the WETTEST car park changes I have ever done... car mats were used as dry spots to stand on, and I actually put on as much gear as I could while Still in the drivers seat...

Once everyone was ready, we then proceeded to enter the Show.

It was Quiet.... REAL QUIET... lol

The wet weather made for a slow Start to the event, but as the day ground on, and costumes became heavier as more rain soaked into them, the public slowly began to trickle in. we found a few fun ways to entertain ourselves when the rain got too heavy, A highlite was spending time in the Portable Library bus/truck. I can now add Scanning crew to my Job skills...

As the Day wore on, the weather didn't oblige and get any better. at around 1pm, all troopers agreed that we weren't seeing anyone new, and most people were hiding in the limited shelter. with an hour still to go, we called it quits, and began the arduous task of getting changed out of wet costumes, and into semi dry civvies...

Injuries - Nil to report.

Armour Repairs: - I think Something may have Happened to the Directors Costume... Timoth, can provide more details??.

Mission Status - Complete.A donation was collected from the Show Organising Committee, I think it was $200 to the Isabella and Marcus Foundation... Andy V, can you confirrm this??

Report by: TA19819






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