Troop Report: Supanova 2021

Completed mission reports.

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Troop Report: Supanova 2021

Post by wldcrd » Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:07 pm

Event: Supanova 2021
Location: Flemington Showgrounds
Date / Time: 22nd / 23rd of May 2021 10am – 6pm
Weather: Sunny Day

Troopers & Wranglers:
Badboy - Amro Tawfik 5553
AJ.1990 - Andrew Irish 12590
Gascan - Andy Vong 27120
Huuahh - Aneesh Bajaj 13114
Brad93 - Brad Maxwell 81293
Brad71 - Brad Moore 32935
BrenTK - Brent Seymour 10792
CJ - Cass 11673
Christhepropguy - Chris Kouvelis 33625
Chrystal - Chrystal Eng 17899
Murderink - Corrie Mills 27481
Thundercat - Daniel Correa 33233
Duncs - Duncan Hughes 8503
WARMACHINE - Dylan Wallace 10343
wldcrd - Glenn Fowler 14780
CT Mac - Greg Mckeown 71857
HansDC - Hans 88118
Nirix - Jack Polgar 2389
Trigger - Jarrod Trigger 3198
Sheriff - Jason Wood 6410
Grayus - Joel Gray 13879
Dishrack - Jon Saunders 50524
Kellee - Kellee 11684
Kelseyjoy94 - Kelsey Porter 75676
KLG - Kylie Gray 67302
Lockey - Lockey Gardiner 94911
TB-23232 - Logan Potter 23232
Markgamibo - Mark Gambino 84212
Marcus - Mark Marcus 3977
MartyMartin - Marty Martinez 76716
Disneygirl - Merrilea Bromley 9735
Blowie01 - Michael Blowfield 6204
PapaSpaldo - Michael Spalding 26100
Darth Craw - Michael Wilson 9697
MrBugs - Nick Wilson 1929
Philsyb - Philsy Blackman 5686
Sithspit - Piers Tynan 74377
Extra_Small_Sam - Sam Gilbert 31892
Littlemotorhead - Sean Rowley 22747
Darthcolejoy - Shane Cole-Hayhow 74263
Nevafear - Shane Doust 16119
Shane - Shane Rawady
Neckon666 - Shay Lattimer 14480
DarthStevius - Steve Alder 18969
TrooperTim - Timoth Ockenden 10375
TC1138 - Tom Campbell 15671
dragon_a - Tony Dragon 72822
Orchid Princess - Vanda Bourandas 15064
Darth Mando - Ben Clarke 25594
April - April Staines 7334
Nightwing - Chris 43118

Troop Report:

The Empire descended on Flemington Showgrounds over the two days in full force displaying its might and power through Knightfall Garrison. Having a much smaller area compared to previous years, KFG wasted no time in keeping the Rebel scum at bay.

Regular patrols were carried out to ensure all citizens remained compliant and loyal to the Empire. Deathtroopers were dispatched to crush any thoughts of an insurrection. Guards were posted at the booth to ensure the KFG Raffle could not be sabotaged or pilfered by pesky Jawas. While ID-27777 was not able to muster this time, his replacement "Manny" was standing vigil at his post. A mini First Order stormtrooper was leading the vanguard striking fear and adoration in the hearts of the people.

A caravan of rogue Tusken Raiders made a surprise appearance but posed no threat to the Empire's dominant presence. They soon dispersed as fast as they had appeared.

With the launch of Bad Batch to the DIsney+ streaming platform and a special area with display boxes, it gave loyal citizens a chance to get up close with the Empire's finest. Plenty of photo ops were taken with stormtroopers, clone troopers, shore troopers, scouts, officers, bounty hunters, jawas, and even Kylo Ren and Lord Vader (and the many countless robeless Vaders with hose attachments).

With zero ambush/rebellions and no positive COVID cases, the weekend was a successful deployment. Long live the Empire!

Casualties: None
Injuries: None
Happy People: Lots
Mission Status: Complete

Credit to Snap Happy Ian and AGD Images AU for the photos

*Apologies if I have missed any troopers. Please let me know I I will add your names











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Re: Troop Report: Supanova 2021

Post by Gascan » Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:12 pm

Great report Glenn, was a fun day, seems so long ago.

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Re: Troop Report: Supanova 2021

Post by Tarok » Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:12 pm

Manny said he had a great time

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Re: Troop Report: Supanova 2021

Post by MightyAtom » Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:47 pm

Great report! Such a fun weekend.

Sandpeople? They'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.

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Re: Troop Report: Supanova 2021

Post by M.J » Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:16 am

Great report Glenn

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Re: Troop Report: Supanova 2021

Post by dragon_a » Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:18 am

It does feel a long time ago

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Re: Troop Report: Supanova 2021

Post by Nightwing » Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:48 am

Glad to see the Supernova event posted, that weekend was lots of fun.

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